Fears and Hopes

Ladies, we are warriors.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made to do amazing and astonishing things.  We carry tremendous weights within our souls, weights which grow exponentially with every child we carry, with every friend we sit beside in joy and in sorrow.  And sometimes it all seems like too much.  There is a war within and without and we cannot afford to fight alone.  More times than I can count, someone has shared a Scripture, an encouragement or even just an image or analogy at just the right time.  Some of these posts are the overflowing of those dark days, illuminated with love, community and Truth.  If I was more trendy, this page would probably be titled "All the Feels". xoxo

[Eventually I'd like to share some about the struggles of pregnancy and postpartum depression.  Not ready yet, but eventually that will be a very relevant part of this topic.]


  1. Re: Your footnote
    You can read about my experience here: https://realjennywhite.com/2013/04/18/my-postpartum-journey/

    (not sure if the site is still running, but I think we have quite a bit in common)


    1. Jenny, that was a fantastic read! My post on PPD has been hovering around my drafts folder for a while. On the cheerful days, it seems hard to write authentically on the pain. And on the low days, I don't really want to pull that shadow out of the box! Some day I'll hit the right spot to be able to finish it up. Thanks for sharing yours. Definitely migrate that one to the new site when you get the chance!