Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 3: "Slates"

The only new thing yesterday were the "slates" I made for the kids so they could be more hands-on participants in the lessons I was doing with them in the morning.  I printed some handwriting sheets and grids on cardstock paper and laminated them.  I ordered some washable dry-erase crayons and washable dry-erase markers (both Crayola products) and the whole system has been a huge success.  Unforeseen bonus: when I give the kids a break from school, most of them stay at the school table and draw so they are all available and ready when we get started again!

When I was a school teacher, my students used dry-erase markers and boards.  I wonder now if all the parents secretly hated me for it.  It is impossible to get those stains out of clothing!  Even the dust from erasing stains permanently!  I had read reviews of these washable options and they seemed less than glowing.  However, we thought both products were amazing.  The only thing I can figure is that Crayola has changed the product recently, or perhaps people were looking for something substantial enough to write on a big board for students to see.  They are probably not dark/thick enough for that.

I know I still haven't gotten into much of a discussion of all those things I promised to tackle.  In my mind there is a "chronology" of thought progression that makes sense.  Getting it all in written form - that's another thing!  Soon, I hope!

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