Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello, Monday! Want to try something crazy?

It's Monday morning, January 25, 2016.  Not quite 6:30 a.m.  And I am about to embark on a journey.  Will you join me?  I've come to think of this as taking the training wheels off of our homeschool.  Will I (we?) enjoy the freedom of two-wheel riding?  Or will I (we?) crash and burn?  This is an experiment, and I've decided to write it all down for posterity (or laughs, whichever).

Last Friday it began to snow here in our little suburb of Richmond, Virginia.  Homeschooling was temporarily put on hold (even homeschools need snow days, right?) and while the kids were off snow-adventuring (or recovering from previous snow-adventuring) I was thinking about math.  And thoughts of math expanded into thoughts about all of our homeschool in general.  And then I began to wonder if we could homeschool without buying textbooks.  [insert maniacal laugh]

I'm going to keep this first post brief so that I can actually tackle the project at hand.  Later on I'll try to record the thought process by "flashback", interspersed among posts about how progress is unfolding.  But here are some tidbits.  This new adventure is all about spreadsheets and face-to-face conversation.  Sound like two incompatible concepts?  They just might be.  It all remains to be seen.  And now, I'm off.  I need to take a socket wrench to our daily plans.  In a manner of speaking.

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  1. What fun advetures, both at home and as you begin blogging! You're doing great. Keep pressing on!