Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bazaar. Can't Stop.

Did that post title get your attention?  Well, I do hope so because I've got two great board games by designer Sid Sackson to share with you.  I just Scoped on these, so I'll be embedding the Katch replays down below.

Both of these games are excellent for a variety of age levels (my six-year-old enjoys them both ... all the way up through hubby and me!).  But one thing that has made them an especially good fit for our family is that they are easily accessible regardless of reading ability.  These are not "little kid" games.  But even struggling readers can play without hindrance because there is little or no in-game text.

The first game I Scoped about was "Can't Stop".  This is a press-your-luck, dice-rolling game.  Players roll four dice, make combinations and race to the top!

All of the pertinent info is in the scope except that Periscope froze up on me before I could finish, so I had just one more thing I wanted to share.  This game has been such a hit with so many of the children in our family that we actually have the problem of more people wanting to play than we had pieces for.  The game comes with four colors of player pieces.  Thankfully, my husband was able to order two additional player colors on-line, so we now have enough pieces for six players!

You can purchase the game from Amazon, but extra pieces can be found here.

Also, as I mentioned on the Scope, you can actually make a DIY version of this game. Free printables are available here.

(Be forewarned ... both of these links will take you to www.boardgamegeek.com ... it might be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated!)

Then I jumped on again and did a quick Scope on a second Sid Sackson game "Bazaar".

I think I mentioned everything I meant to mention.  Except.  Yes, I totally forgot about one of the main components of the game: the die!

At the beginning of each turn, you can choose to make a trade using the exchange options on the market cards or you can roll the die.  There are five colors of "jewels" in the game.  The six-sided die has one side for each of the colors, and then a "magic lamp" symbol which is basically a wildcard.  So not only is there player choice in the jewel exchanging, but there is player choice when you roll the magic lamp and have to decide which color jewel to choose to reach your goal!

I hope that you are able to check out and enjoy one or both of these games.  They are not "brain-burners" (meaning if you have limited brain cells left in the afternoon or evening, they are still very do-able) but they are lots of fun and a good challenge for kiddos and parents alike!  Enjoy, y'all!

This post is part of the "Living" Board Games! series.

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