Friday, April 15, 2016

-ng and -nk - Answers

Last week our Phonics Investigation challenge related to the ending blends -ng and -nk.  Here were the challenge questions:
  1. How many pairs of words like BANG and BANK can you find?  The first word should end with the -NG blend and the second word should sound exactly the same, but with an additional K sound.  The second word will be spelled with the -NgK blend.
  2. The -ng and -nk blends are used after every vowel ... except one!  Can you figure out which one isn't combined with the -ng and -nk blends?
  3. Can you think of any other occasions where a letter is pronounced even though it isn't written?
Here are some answers:

  1. Some possible examples are: sang/sank, sing/sink, 
  2. So far as I know, the -ng and -nk blends are not used after the vowel -e.  Or, put another way, we definitely have examples of those blends being used after the vowels -a, -i, -o and -u and have not been able to come up with any examples of it being used after an -e ... except perhaps the word "England" ... which may not "count" since it really sounds more like "Ingland".
  3. We still couldn't!  Can you?  It's not too late to contribute!!

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