Friday, April 8, 2016

Phonics Investigation Challenge #4: -ng & -nk

This week's phonics fun fact is pretty simple!  Here we go!

When fireworks explode, they make a big sound; they say


Now, say that word again, but add a K to the end:


Does that sound like a word you know?  Maybe like this word:


Sure it does.  Because the ending blend -nk is really and truly pronounced as if it were spelled -ngk!  The word BANK has every single sound you hear in BANG ... plus the K!  Think of it like this:


Sometimes we have a letter that is written but not pronounced (a "silent" letter).  However, in this case, we have a letter that is pronounced, even though it isn't written!

So, here is your challenge for the week:
  1. How many pairs of words like BANG and BANK can you find?  The first word should end with the -NG blend and the second word should sound exactly the same, but with an additional K sound.  The second word will be spelled with the -NgK blend.
  2. The -ng and -nk blends are used after every vowel ... except one!  Can you figure out which one isn't combined with the -ng and -nk blends?
  3. Can you think of any other occasions where a letter is pronounced even though it isn't written?
As usual, keep an eye out for this interesting phonics feature as you read this week.  And be sure to share what you find in the comments below!!

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