Thursday, April 7, 2016

Guest Scoper!

Recently I've gotten to know fellow homeschool mama Andi Gould via Instagram and Periscope and have thoroughly enjoyed watching her Scope board games with her kiddos.  Today I got permission from Andi to share some of her board game Scopes with you here on my blog.  (Imagine me jumping up in the air and yelling "Woo hoo!!")  If you like what you see, you can ...

Find Andi on Periscope: @appleandigould
Find Andi on Katch: @appleandigould
Find Andi on Instagram: @appleandi
Check Out Andi's Blog: A Nest Full of Squishers (Isn't that a great blog title??)

A Nest Full of Squishers

(Note: Andi has tons of other wonderful and helpful information to share, such as tips on helping kids to pare down toy collections, information on participating in Nature Pal Exchange, which she helps to manage, and a tutorial on how to fold paper airplanes!  Check out her blog or Katch account for more good fun!!)

One of my favorite game Scopes Andi has done recently is this one on Clue Jr.  Apparently there are several versions of this game available and Andi did a fair amount of research to choose the one that came most highly recommended.  What I love about this version of Clue is that it eliminates the need for cards (which, it seems, are almost impossible for younger players to keep sufficiently private as to not ruin the game).  Instead, secrets are discovered by means of a red-colored magnifying glass reminiscent of the secret-code book that my brother and I loved when we were kids!!

I hesitated to share this because apparently it was published in the 1980's and Andi's copy was located at a second-hand store, but it seems to be available (used) on eBay, so if it looks fun, see if you can snag yourself a copy!

If you catch up with Andi on-line, please tell her I said "Thanks!"

This post is part of the "Living" Board Games! series.

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