Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 5: When Plans Change

(Note: We homeschool Monday through Thursday.  So today was Day 5 of the experiment.)

This morning we were on a good track.  Breakfast was done, chores were happening and we were moments from sitting down for "morning time".  And then Hazel fell off my bed and broke both of the bones in her right forearm.  Daddy came home and watched everyone while Mama and Luke took Hazel from one doctor to another.  Poor little lady.

But, though there was no direct instruction today, the children were still able to complete the 5-A-Day work I had already prepared.  And this evening, I went over it with them and they made some corrections.  Tomorrow I should be able to leave them with another set to complete.  This experiment is far from over, but this method sure has proven to flex as well as a circus contortionist!

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