Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 6: Sub Plans

My mother and father came over to stay with the children while we took Hazel to the hospital for her procedure.  I was able to leave them with some Five-A-Day's to give the children and  a few other activities, mostly just so that the children would have some structure and routine and not suffer from running-wild-because-I-have-no-structure-or-routine syndrome.  For the most part it went smoothly.  One kid had more trouble that I would have expected with math and another more trouble than I would have expected with language.  But in my mind, it was still a success because ...

1. I was able to leave them work to practice which was productive and yet was review so (theoretically) didn't require individual instruction to prepare them to complete it.

2. Because each of their questions was aimed at a specific objective, the work that didn't go as well as planned wasn't a waste of time.  It was data gathering towards a clearer understanding of what has been mastered and has clearly move into "review" territory ... and what hasn't!

That evening, Matt was exhausted and went to bed earlier (because, as we found out in the nigh, he was coming down with the flu!) so I used the evening to go over the kids' Five-A-Days with them.  I also stayed up until midnight finishing the foundation-laying work on the spreadsheet - not because I felt I had to, but because I'm a dork and that's something I find fun.

I know I still haven't finished explaining how I've gone about selecting those Five-A-Day questions.  Hopefully I'll be able to cover that today.

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