Friday, February 19, 2016

Snuggle Number

Snugglenumber pic

So.  This has been a challenging week.  At some point I need to write a follow-up post to the very somber-toned ones I put up on Monday.  But right now I feel more like keeping it light and sharing something fun!

A couple of days ago on Instagram a friend shared a picture of her kids playing a game called Snuggle Number.  I asked her for the scoop and she sent me to this blog post (I am in love with the blog title, too!).  I had been thinking about making and laminating some hundreds charts to use with the kids as another thing they could write on with their dry erase markers and this took up just enough room to fill up the blank space at the bottom, so, on it went.

All you need is a chart like this (which you could easily create by hand on scratch paper in moments) and a 10-sided die or a deck of playing cards, minus the face cards and jokers (count the Aces as 1 and the 10's as 0).  Roll the die or draw a card, then record that digit somewhere in the eleven slots on your game board (the original above is two-sided to allow for two games before the paper has to be tossed; my board below is simplified for little learners and since it is dry-erase is already reusable).  The goal is to get as close to the "target" number as you can in each row.  My board includes spaces for the kids to write the difference between their number and the target number and to add the total because I felt like they might need a little more structure to understand the gameplay.  More thorough discussion of the rules is on the blog above.

Want a copy?

Here is a copy of Snuggle Number only (half-page sized, so you could print two on a page)
Here is a copy of the whole thing I printed for my kiddos: addition chart, multiplication chart, hundreds chart and Snuggle Number (Note: For the number charts I used a special handwriting font which I don't think will show up via a Google Drive share, so the formatting will be a little different.)

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