Friday, February 12, 2016

Snag a Deal?

If you've been thinking about reading Teaching from Rest, may I kindly suggest the audio files?  No shipping charges and they are read by Sarah Mackenzie herself.  (Yes, she is cheerful and perky, but in a fun, friendly, chatting-at-the-kitchen-table kind of way.)  Also, Classical Academic Press is currently offering a 20% off discount (on all of their materials, actually, including this one).  It's only $8 to begin with.  Calculate in the savings and you could be listening to some really encouraging stuff in moments for less than six and a half bucks.

(Use code CAPTY20 when you check out.  It's only valid through March 31, 2016.)

The Teaching from Rest Companion Files are also no-shipping/downloadable files and also eligible for the 20% discount.

I'm not an affiliate.  I don't get any kickbacks.  CAP didn't ask me to say this.

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